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    Jack1505legend Demotion and Ban! Assist in crime! The Biggest one yet on WC!


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    Jack1505legend Demotion and Ban! Assist in crime! The Biggest one yet on WC!

    Post  Killu680 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:04 pm

    Original Post:
    Reasons why I Jack should be demoted:
    o The Second Caesa Case:
    o Not thinking of the future and what Caesa could possibly do, based on the past
    o Unbanning and promoting Caesa back to god after the trial as Caesa last request
    o After the chaos, Caesa still didn’t get banned by Jack or demoted, therefore making Jack an assist in a crime overall.
    o Not taking it seriously
    o Promotion reasons back up to god for some were “LOL” for ex.
    o Jack may be working with Caesa and we don’t even know, or are just too stupid. (Accurate Accusing)

    The Gabriiel Case:
    o No trial has been held, yet Jack keeps on unbanning and promoting Gabriiel back up.
    o In addition, with Not caring reasons such as “coz”.

    o The PuRe case: Telling players they could skip ranks WITHOUT required hours and only build and then not even giving them their future cheated ranks after they completed their builds. (Note: PuRe is not guilty, as he didn't know at the time.)

    o Tunneling and building in Spleef when he obviously knows the rules of the game/he can’t do that.

    o Past and previous occurrences.

    So mdc, when you promoted Jack, just when he asked for it, and the first time of course, I think you could have been a lot smarter. Like how his promotion wasn’t to elite first too or how it wasn’t a trial. Mdc I mean really, how are you managing around here? Clerisa even said “Hell broke loose.” After a day of me not being there, A DAY! And you’re in a lala land (aka. Fantasy world) where everything is ok, and you let problems pass you. Well, that’s just going to rip the community apart eventually with problems left and right, griefers, and fights. At least this is the negative possible future, though it might come true (Hopefully not).

    As for Clerisa, I don’t know what you were thinking promoting Jack back up to Co-owner from his one rank demotion to Elite (fail, and no comment). Your brain must have not been there or something, Idk, even you told me you wanted to ban jack from the start, so in my opinion you’re contradicting yourself and letting one of the worse things EVER to happen to the server, pass by. Especially with a reason of “Your Beautiful Very Happy” (Not even relating to what happened recently and a complete nonsense reason.)

    So Jack, I mean really, what do you have to say for yourself? Your co-ownership, your past, your pride, all now with negative thoughts. Wow, really no comment jack, no comment.

    Now, I know you think that I hate you, but the answer is no.

    Update: And thank you Masktails for realizing this too by demoting him to raptor now…

    Update: Jack admitted he was a partner in crime with Caesa! He is trying to get more people to join their server and group. And, we have mutiple witnesses at the time when he pleaded guilty. IT ALL ADDS UP! He will be staying banned for what he has done. No questions.

    Update: Jack is officially banned forever by Mdc, and Shortstick3 said that Jack also was demoting him previously for no reason, and told Short that Caesa originally got banned for no reason and is totally innocent in the first case, which isn't true at all.

    Lesson of the Day: Be a Detective.

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    Post  jack1505legend on Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:54 pm

    dadada, this is boring to much drama in the first place, plus... i dont know what to say, i just wanna be unbanned, i want do anything bad, i just would like to be unbanned, i dont really care if im a dinosaur

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    Re: Jack1505legend Demotion and Ban! Assist in crime! The Biggest one yet on WC!

    Post  Killu680 on Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:58 pm

    Um, are you drunk or do you have no brain really? Your NOT getting unbanned, so nice try, this is not a "Get out of Jail Free Card" bud. Lol, keep trying to get unbanned, not going to work. And Caesa probably sent you back right, from Caesa's Freebuild right? Wow, no comment.

    Side Note: It's pretty obvious he's playing dumb, you really don't have to make it more obvious Jack/have others feel sorry for you.

    P.S.: To Mdc and Zink: If you unban this Crime Record filling player, you'll be the ones sorry/regret it/plain dumb.

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    Re: Jack1505legend Demotion and Ban! Assist in crime! The Biggest one yet on WC!

    Post  masktails on Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:02 am

    This is a two minded response, well, first, jack, your kinda going a bit haywire atm. We recommend you take a break from playing games (Minecraft) and just chill for a bit, lie in bed, study for school, don't try to ruin others just because You feel bad because you know that you did something wrong, anyway, You stole someones world in that case We think you, Shouldn't come back here, because you set a Bad, example of the server. Now I'd just find a different server, and take a break.

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    Post  zinkdrboy on Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:43 am

    Sorry Jack but i read killus full post i know right not verry likely since i suck at reading. But i do agree with all the punishments i am sorry but i will not be unbaning you i trusted you with my server and you just stabbed me in the back Jack to tell you the truth u where my Best Friend on there and you told me u weren't on Caesas side it made me jump out of my chair! But now that it turns out you have been lieing to be the whole time. Your Dead To Me Sad


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    :D peace out than!

    Post  jack1505legend on Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:31 pm

    i guess these are me last words, thx bros , Have a good one!

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    Post  FlameOfFaith_777 on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:08 pm

    Clerisa, what was you thinking did anybody demote you because of it??

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    Re: Jack1505legend Demotion and Ban! Assist in crime! The Biggest one yet on WC!

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