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    Gabriiel's Demotion and Ban... Guilty at Large!


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    Gabriiel's Demotion and Ban... Guilty at Large!

    Post  Killu680 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:12 am

    First, you have the two reports done by me and FBCSS on your griefing cases (with various types of griefing). Stop lying about the one block, we all know that's not true. In addition, how could one block be both times and how could one block be tunneling and griefing (FBC's report), he wouldn't have temp banned you for 1 block, SO STOP TELLING THE SAME LIE! Second, you told Jack that I was leaving and that I made a big deal like Ben_r23 and various other people have. Just because I was gone for 2 DAYS, that doesn't mean you have any right AT ALL to go and make up lies about me. Wow, didn't go on for 2 days and this happens. Then I got demoted from Jack without him even asking me (wow), because he "trusts" Gabriiel even after his/her past. Then I got promoted back for one more chance, meanwhile I didn't even know what I did. Mdc, you can even check the logs I did not even say once I was going to leave. Why would I leave anyways, that makes no sense at all, especially when I'm not mad or in a long term argument with someone...

    Gabriiel your time on this server is officially over. Don't even try to reply to this post, just admit that your guilty! I've already predicted your reply to this post, and the possible reasons that your not guilty (Your side), so you are going to be staying banned, no doubt about that.

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    Re: Gabriiel's Demotion and Ban... Guilty at Large!

    Post  gabriiel40 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:26 pm

    wait what happened? and I said that you were thinking of leaving a while ago...not right now..and from what I remember when I was talking to jack he said that he demoted accidentally and just promoted you back..now I dont know what your talking about for several counts of griefing but ive been trying to clean up the server lately from grief...and sense I cannot ban...and for some reason the temp ban is messed up the most I can do is kick and then delete and replace the blocks they have placed or removed...and you mean to tell me you werent making a big deal out of it? you basicly banned me several times over a number of weeks when I first began on the server for what you said was..'griefing'. And now you mean to tell me that insted of contacting me and talking to before you just go ahead and go on an all out ban rage again?..if you ask me thats just low killu I know that you have always had a problem with me but I didnt think you would go as low as to just ban me and make stuff up in order to get rid of me.

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    Re: Gabriiel's Demotion and Ban... Guilty at Large!

    Post  masktails on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:31 pm

    Please, take this to PrivateMessages, I dislike reading lots about someone else's ban info (no ofence) it kinda ruins my day, just reading the updates on the server and see two people arguing (or starting to) about this person who got banned or is getting banned, i just dislike reading it. If you could take it there just do so. Rolling Eyes

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    Re: Gabriiel's Demotion and Ban... Guilty at Large!

    Post  samos on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:59 pm

    Yeah, it's starting to become a regular thing to expect now lol.

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    Re: Gabriiel's Demotion and Ban... Guilty at Large!

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