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    CTF Sever and stuff


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    CTF Sever and stuff

    Post  mdc31997 on Sat Sep 08, 2012 10:12 am

    Everyone seems to like CTF, so I'm making a ctf server. There will be 2 separate servers. The current one, which will remain a free build, and a new one for ctf only. Its going to run OpenClassic, I think. I'm testing now and hopefully will have it up by the end of the weekend/Monday. On Monday the server will be shut down for some major maintenance. Read the about me on caesacraft.forumotion.com. Did you know that caesa is a bi girl?? I didn't. The new website board crashed so I have to reinstall it. Don't expect it to be available until Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyway, that's all for

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